A Holiday in Space

Who's flying high and how to be a space tourist


Mankind has been capable of manned spaceflight since 1961, but it's only since the year 2000 that more than two nations have been able to boast the ability to launch people into Earth orbit.

By 2021, it's almost certain that manned spaceflight will not be restricted to astronauts from state-sponsored space agencies, but will be opened up to anyone who can pay for a seat aboard a growing number of commercial space launchers.

The private manned spaceflight industry ranges from modest efforts at single-seat sub-orbital flights to orbital vehicles intended to replace today's hugely-expensive one-shot rockets. The spacecraft in this section are the heart of this new industry.

From these ventures will rise not only a space tourism industry affordable to anyone who can purchase a high quality sports car, but space-based industry, a permanent human presence in space aboard more than a single outpost, and a genuine opportunity to reach for the Moon, Mars and beyond.